yes but consider this

sorry if I seem angry today or at least this morning, I promise it’s probably nothing you said or did.

I just didnt wake up well

adurotri said: Sometimes Doctors can really screw up or overlook things. Not all doctors are good. Some are just in it for the money and don’t really give a fuck about the patients.

like i said, some doctors screw up. and as someone who’s related to someone with constant, unfortunate health issues that are VERY often misdiagnosed, overlooked or even just plain dismissed as something small, im quite aware

but frankly I still trust them more than I trust my mom looking up stuff on google on her phone, and I CERTAINLY would rather get their opinion than some fifteen year old who looked up some symptoms and diagnosed from that.

"self diagnosis is just as good as professional diagnosis because it’s all just guesswork anyway and it’s just looking up symptoms online to see what fit us so the only difference is authority!!"


no there’s MANY differences, including whether it’s guesswork or not, they’ve studied these symptoms longer and can better judge what symptoms fit your condition. do you really, TRULY believe you have the same exact judgement as a doctor/therapist who’s gone to school for years STUDYING this stuff?

that’s not me saying doctors don’t mess up but like  ???? if you wanna self diagnosis go ahead i dont care what you do but ??? do not ??? act like it’s the same exact thing as getting a professional opinion ??? thank you

i might need to add a FAQ on flutterpillow at some point 

What gave you the inspiration to make Flutterpillow?

That came from my good friend partway-mist when she drew this gorgeous picture

from there it grew and now it’s a disease ahahaaha

i advice to speak about






yes, cat gifs (◠ω◠✿)


yes good kitties aaaaaah

Anyway, everything that’s been going on today I am putting behind me permanently. All the drama from this morning regarding the story change in the blog, and the issues regarding the “child porn”, let’s just forget those. I’m tired of today being upsetting and would like to just get my good mood back.

So yes. changing subjects now.

what childporn wha tth efu ck

This. It wasn’t intended to be anything more than a picture of a kid in a bath with his toy. Which is a thing kids do. No genitals are shown - if there WERE genitals, or sexual acts of any kind even hinted, then I should be called out on. But there was not. So.

People left some innapropriate comments on the picture, but that was not my doing. I wasn’t aiming for child pornography, but someone thought I was.

i went through my entire “cheer up” tag and im very cheered up

still a bit anxious but